Today many of the people is having a swimming pool in their home or in their farm house. And they look for a firm who can provide them a swimming pool cleaning service. It is necessary to clean the pools in 2-3months or before filling the water in it. People prefer swimming rather than skimming to make their body relax and free from tension. You should take care of your pool and check when renovation is needed.

Hotels, Guest House, Farm House or Motels also looks for a swimming pool cleaner service and they want to hire them on permanent basis who can visit in 2-3 months to clean the pool. Prior they ask them a cleaning service cost and if they think the cost is reasonable they have a bond. We as swimming pool cleaning service, Jaipur offers you the cleaning service according to your comfort. Our man will guide you “how you can make your pool clean”, they also give you the pool cleaner through that you can clean pool by your own. We have a contractor with us who will take responsibility of cleaning or maintaining your pools.

We check various things like landscaping, roof inspections and furnaces in fall, we also check the pH level or chlorine of water. The floor of pool should be clean that prevent organic infestations. By keeping you swimming pool clean you can enjoy the diving into the water in summers. We offers pool filter cleaning, pool chemical service or pool cleaning service. You can approach us any time and we offer you all these service in a single day. Our cleaning man will make your pool oomph and you will feel great at the time of swimming.

Daily Pool Maintenance

  • You can check the pressure of filter.
  • Before diving into the cold water test the water or add optional chemicals.
  • Check the filter if water is not clean.
  • Remove fragments from strainer.
  • Make use of nylon brush to clean the surface of swimming pool.
  • Check walls for cracks and repair it soon.
  • Use stainless brush to clean the walls.
  • To remove evaporation use pool cover.