We are Water Tank Cleaners in Jaipur and offers you the multiple service of cleaning and purifying the water. We deals with domestic as well as residential cleaning service. We are the projecting organizations debauched in offering Overhead Tank Cleaning Services. We have trained staff who will visit your place to clean your tanks and the service given by is quick and best. We ensure after ending the cleaning process you can use your tanks without waiting for a day and your tank will odor free, bacteria or virus free now. The chemical spray used by us is limited in amount.

If you are looking for home tank cleaning service you can reach us any time we feel our pleasure to help you. Our aim is to remove bacteria, impurities like sand, moss or viruses from underground and overhead water tanks. We use modern equipment like high pressures jet cleaners, UV sources or sanitizers to remove impurities. Our team has friendly environment and they have their own methodologies.

We are specialist and experts in the field of cleaning water tanks or storage tanks. We provide steady solutions and our service is always on time. Our service charges are not much, we have nominal rates but it depends on the size of tank that need to be cleaned.

8 steps process of water tank cleaning:

1. Cleaning of Surface: Initial stage of cleaning water, deep Cleaning is done, dirt is eliminated

2. De-Watering: Second stage of cleaning water, automatic machines are used to remove water from drains

3. Eliminating Sludge: Third stage of cleaning water, Sludge pump is used to remove dirty water

4. Scrubbing: Manually remove dirt or fungus

5. Cleaning Jets: Water is cleaned in high pressure jet

6. Vacuum Cleaning: Vacuum Cleaner is used to remove bacteria

7. Anti-Bacteria Spray: Anti-bacteria agents are used to clean walls or ceilings

8. UV Treatments:We provide are cleaning services for residential purpose like house, flats, apartments or commercial purpose such as swimming pools, shopping complex, offices, schools, universities, hotels or hospitals. We make our clients happy by offering them a higher standard service. We also check the pH lever of water in pools and give few tips for regular maintenance of their pools. Our staff is friendly and full of knowledge they can deal with any tank or whatever the size of tank is. Our service is prompt and efficient and we often provide service in emergency needs also. To clean the tank or pool first they need to be empty and for that we use automatic machines that are helpful and take less time to empty the tank. We have cleaned 500 above tanks in Jaipur in last 1 year. We are licensed agency and have approval from municipality too. We follow all safety rules and standards, we carry the responsibility till the tank is cleaned and we make sure there is no impurity or bacteria left behind.

We certify that our services meet our customers’ requirements or needs. We conduct audits to agreement at all time and monitor the quality of our work. We believe in better service delivery though our customer can make the level of trust on our service and can approach us in future also. We ask for customer feedback at the end, thus we can improve our service if needed because we are ready to strive an improvement. We follow the timeliness and try to finish the work prior to it in perfection manner. We believe to get good health the initial step is to clean your surroundings or water tanks, these are to most common issues that make our health bad.